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Paul Wegener: Der Golem (1914)

[Reference to s. Kaleidoskop
and German text of this movie.]

This is a translation of the screenplay by Arndt Pawelczik, Köln.:
I have tried to keep the translation as close to the German original as possible. I have not corrected it or tried to "improve" it in any way. Some of the German text is almost in telegram style, leading to ungrammatical structures such as using golem and Jew without definite articles. These structures appear in the English translation, where they are just as ungrammatical. The word "Schenn" is used in the German screenplay for the bit of parchment scroll with the spell inside the capsule in the golem's chest instead of the more familiar spelling "shem".

Der Golem
Fantastic photoplay in four acts
Paul Wegener and Heinrich Galeen

Act 1
Title: The Diviner
1. A field with a town in the background. Several workmen stand around the diviner - they blindfold him. The diviner picks up the divining rod - he sets off.
2. A different place in the same field. - The divining rod is twitching. The workmen take off their jackets - start digging. Suddenly a workman's spade gets stuck in the soil, only to disappear in the ground at the next stab.
Title: Roused from a rest of centuries
3. A vault. Filmed into the sunlight. Suddenly mud and debris drop from the ceiling. Stones gets dislodged, a spade cuts through. A ray of sunlight penetrates and illuminates the face of a giant figure, half buried in the ground. The head is covered in cobwebs. First a lantern, then a ladder are lowered through the opening.
Title: The miracle rabbi's treasure
4. People inside the vault. Prodding around, examining the half-buried liturgical objects, chests, menorahs. One of them discovers the figure, wipes the cobwebs off its face, looks at it with an astonished smile. Title: Old Aaron ought to take a look at this
5. The three men discuss the matter. One of them climbs the ladder.
6. Field above the vault. The workman climbs out of the hole. Puts his jacket on ina hurry, walks off.
7. Street. The workman walks down an old street, looking for Aaron's shop.
8. The outside of the vault. A six foot menorah is hoisted through the hole.
9. The workman walks down a different street.
10. The inside of an old antique and curiosity shop. Fantastic fittings. In the background an old gothic armoury, a big table in the centre -on the walls - bronzes - weapons - statues - buddhas - hanging from the ceiling - blowfish - a swordfish - oriental hangings and other strange objects. Next to the armoury a chest. Old Aaron, wearing horn-rimmed spectacles, is hunched over the books - computing - writing - taking notes. Suddenly he looks towards the door. He gets up, walks to the flap in the door, opens it. He listens to the report of the workman standing outside, then closes the flap - puts on his coat, walks to the door leading to the next room - listens.
Title: The Jew's young daughter
11. The daughter's room. The Jew enters, reprimands his daughter for her casual dress, tells her he has to go, warns her, leaves again.
12. Outside the door to the daughter's room. The Jew locks it carefully, lingers for a while to listen.
13. The antique shop. The Jew enters, takes his hat, leaves with the workman.
14. Outside the shop. They step outside, the Jew closes the door, the workman points in the direction he came from, they leave. The daughter appears in the bay window.
15. Door to the daughter's room. The daughter is at the window, looking at her father leaving. Walks to the door, finds it locked. Pulls out a letter, reads it with a blissful smile. Letter appears. Title: Sweetheart. As soon as the old man has left, give me the usual sign, my servant is waiting across the road.
16. Bay window from the outside. The window opens. The daughter appears in the window, puts a vase with flowers on the windowsill.
17. The inside of an inn. A manservant is sitting at a table by the window, drinking a beer and smoking. Every now and then he peers out of the window. Suddenly he gets up, pays in a hurry and rushes out.
18. Outside the Jew's house - At the upper window the girl's head, underneath the manservant, talking to her. On a string she lowers a little basket with a letter. The servant puts another letter inside, the basket is pulled up again. The manservant leaves.
Title: At the well site
19. Various things are standing around. The golem is hoisted upon a ladder.
20. On a cart pulled by a nag the treasures from the vault are covered by a tarpaulin, with only the head of the figure protruding at the back. The Jew and the workmen walk alongside the cart.
21. The antique shop. The things are spread out partly on the table, partly on the floor, the clay figure is propped up carelessly against a wall, its back to the audience. The Jew is haggling with the workmen for the treasure. The gold and silver things are tested etc. One of the men, the same one that had wiped the cobwebs off the figure's face earlier on, turns the figure around and looks at it, smiling and shaking his head. As he turns the figure around, something drops down from it. It is a small round capsule. The man picks it up, does not quite know where it has dropped from and places it carelessly on the table next to the other things. In the meantime the others have come to an agreement with the Jews, the Jew pays them. One of them points at the figure. The Jew indicates that it is of no use. Then, smiling, he pays a gold piece for it. The workmen leave. The Jew, alone with the treasure, examines them again with a smile on his face, puts the most valuable items into a little chest that he fetches, examines the heavy altar cloth carefully between two fingers, a smile crosses his face..
Title: This is something for my daughter
He drapes the blanket over his arm, leaves smiling through the back door.
22. The daughter is sitting in her room holding her lover's letter and a picture which she kisses. In front of her there is a big embroidering frame. She hears noises from the door, hides the picture and begins to embroider briskly. The Jew enters smiling, shows her the cloth, which she admires, she drapes it over herself in front of the mirror, takes a few dance steps, her father mock-threatens her with a raised finger, but remains cheerful.
Title: Come downstairs with me, I have more.
23. The antique shop. Father and daughter enter. The old man shows her the other treasures. Daughter claps her hands in joyful wonder. Now she notices the giant clay figure still propped up against the wall. At first she is almost frightened, then she laughs exuberantly and boxes its nose. Exuberant joy, the old man shows new treasures, she grabs the old man and whirls him around the shop.
24. A humble attic room. A low dormer window. An old table, a rickety worn wicker chair, stacks of manuscripts everywhere, a number of books, some old folios among them, strewn around. A spooky man with wild hair, burning eyes and sallow cheeks is writing in feverish haste. A filled page is tossed away, another one started. Suddenly he pauses wearily, one can see how he almost collapses. Pangs of hunger. He opens the desk drawer, takes out a hunk of dry bread, chews mechanically, lost in thought, staring in font of him. Suddenly he goes on writing like one possessed. Collapses again. Gestures of despair.
Title: In order to complete his revolutionary new tome on the black arts and witchcraft in the middle ages, the starving scholar has to sell some of his beloved books.
He rises with a sigh, checks and chooses some volumes, puts an especially ancient folio on his knees. Opens it, peers inside longingly and deep in thought.
25. The whole screen is taken up by the book and the scholar's hand. A page full of crowded gothic letters. The hand turns the page, we see an image of the clay figure we know from the antique shop. Underneath it reads in big letters
T H E   G O L E M
On the page opposite we read:
Title: In medieval Prague there lived the famous Rabbi Loew. He was a master of the black arts and the Cabbala, which made him famous the world over. He succeeded in bringing to life a strange clay figure, the "golem", by placing a peculiar spell, the "schenn" into a cavity in its chest. As long as the "golem" bore this spell, he was as a living man, obedient to his master's will, until the moment when the master removed the "schenn" from his chest. Then he became nothing more than dead clay. When, in his dotage, Rabbi Loew renounced the black arts, he also no longer brought the golem to life. In the ravages of the thirty-year-war the golem was lost together with other treasures of this great scholar. Maybe it lies buried somewhere to this day.
26. The scholar's attic room. The scholar nods painfully. Gets up, takes his old coat and hat, grabs three or four books, the folio among them, hesitates for a moment, leaves with a sigh.
27. The scholar walks down a moonlit street, a bridge, running water. Wearily and lost in thought he leans against the railing for a moment.
28. The antique shop. The lamp above the table casts a sharp circle of light. The old Jew is sitting at the table wearing his glasses, entering the newly acquired treasures carefully into a big ledger.
29. In front of the house. The scholar with the books checks the sign, nods, pulls the bell tentatively. The flap opens, the Jew's head appears. The scholar shows him the books and asks to be let in. At first the Jew shakes his head, then he motions for him to come inside.
30. The antique shop. Shyly the scholar enters, places the books in the circle of light on the table, offers them up for sale. The Jew makes a disparaging gesture. The scholar opens the first book to show it to the Jew. The Jew shakes his head. Now the scholar points at the big folio. The Jew casts half a glance at it. Now he opens the book at the page with the image of the golem. The Jew hesitates for a moment, an almost shocked delight crosses his face, then he checks himself and coolly asks for the price. The deal is swiftly concluded, the scholar gets his money, leaves shyly thanking the Jew. The Jew closes the door after him. Walks to the table in a state of excitement, opens the book, pushes back the table, gets the golem.
31. Again we only see a close-up of the page of the book. The Jew's shaking hand. The hand turns the page, on the next page we see an illustration showing the capsule and lengthwise across the page a strip of parchment with Arabic numerals. Underneath it the following text:
Title: Tradition has it that this is the spell used by Rabbi Loew to bring the golem to life. Rolled up inside the capsule it effected the magic of life.
32. In a state of extreme agitation the Jew examines the golem, finds the hollow place in its chest, seems to remember having seen a similar capsule. Rushes into the background, fetches a small ebony chest he has locked some of the treasures in, roots around in it frantically, he finds the capsule.
33. Hands and capsule in extreme close-up. He opens the capsule with shaking hands. The capsule is empty.
34. He spots the strip bearing the spell in the book, has a new idea. Fetches a knife, begins to cut out the strip.
35. We see him cutting in a close-up. The strip is cut from the book. The hands roll up the strip, enclose it inside the capsule.
36. The Jew is standing in front of the golem, his hands shaking with excitement. He hesitates, wondering whether to risk the daring experiment. Finally he inserts the capsule into the figure with shaking hands. Stares at the face. The two heads in the lamplight. The golem does not move. The Jew smiles, shakes his head. Lifts the lamp up to look into the golem's face. At this moment golem slowly opens his eyes wide! Jew jerks back in shock. Golem very slowly turns his head to follow the light, like a child. Jew retreats appalled. Golem follows him, with heavy, mechanical steps, staring at the light all the time. The Jew backwards to the next piece of furniture, staring at the hulk. Golem closes in on him. Jew holds out the light, gets down on his knees and steals behind the golem. Golem very slowly, like a child, grabs the light, which is extinguished. Jew has got to his other side. Golem turns around, notices him for the first time, moves towards him with heavy steps. Jew has collapsed in an armchair. Golem closer all the time. Jew cries out.
Title: Get back!
Golem moves back like a colossal machine. The Jew's tension eases.
Title: Come here!
Golem takes some steps forward.
Text: Stop!
Golem stops. The Jew realizes he has power over this creature, he gets up, examines him closely. We see him give various orders, like "Lift your arm", "At ease", which golem carries out calmly.
37. Finally the golem lifts with ease a substantial bronze sculpture that the Jew had unsuccessfully tried to shift in an earlier scene. Jew is shocked, orders him to set the sculpture down. Golem drops the sculpture. It shatters. Jew is awed and satisfied.
Title: He is to be my servant.
Motions to the golem to follow him. Walks to the back door.
38. A narrow passage. Jew casting fearful glances backwards. Very big behind hi, automatically golem. An iron door in the passage. Jew opens the door.
39. A low vaulted room with a massive forge. . Side lit through the open door. Jew goes to the giant bellows, pulls on the chain with all his might, pulls it down once with difficulty. The fire flares up once. He orders the golem to do likewise. Golem walks over to the bellows, pulls the chain several times with playful ease, the fire flares up to the rafters. Jew shocked, fearing a blaze, steps behind the golem, pulls the schenn from his chest. Golem collapses against the wall like some dead thing. The flames subside.
Title: End of act one.

Title: Act II
Title: Guardian of the home
1. The young nobleman's estate. Nobleman out hunting. Ghillie, two guns, landscape - lovely picture. A saddled horse, the servant from the first act comes running and hands over a letter. Count abandons hunt, joyfully takes letter, opens it, letter appears.
Title: Dearest one! The old man is out on business. Come to me this afternoon.
The count thinks the matter over for a moment, gives orders, mounts his horse, rides off.
2. Castle gate. Maybe gate at park entrance. Elegant coach stops. Count in new attire gets in. Coachman sets off.
3. The antique shop without the golem. The Jew sits at the table, deep in thought, weary and with a cold compress around his head. Daughter enters, asks if he will not go out today. The old man shakes his head. Daughter becomes restless. She leaves.
4. A square in town. The count's coach arrives, stops. Count jumps out, motions to the coachman to wait, leaves.
5. Street outside the antique shop. From the upper storey the daughter's head peers out. Count comes down the street. Sees her at the window. She indicates to him that the old man is at home.
Title: Come as a customer, that way we can see each other.
Count nods.
6. Antique shop. The doorbell rings. The old man goes to the door and opens it. The count enters. The Jew greets him submissively. The count poses as a potential buyer, takes a look at various objects, all the while peering at the back door. The daughter enters. Pretends to be startled, as if she were about to withdraw. The old man tells her to stay. Game. The two communicate behind the old man's back. The old man notices a less than careful gesture, he becomes suspicious, does not show it, however, but watches them in secret. Count secretly hands the daughter a slip of paper, which she hides in her bosom. The old man sees it, is about fly in a rage but checks himself. Game. The count has bought a few things. Pays and leaves. The old man turns to the daughter, reproaches her, demands she hand over the slip of paper. Daughter refuses, the old man gets furious, grabs the daughter, daughter eludes him, escapes through the back door up the spiral staircase.
7. The daughter's room. She rushes in. Jew behind her.
Title: Give me the letter!
He wrestles with her. She on her knees. Jew beside himself, drags her in front of the mother's picture.
Title: You are like her, she cheated on me, too!
Daughter crying. Jew calms down. A thought strikes him. He grabs the daughter's arm, yanks her to her feet.
Title: I will give you a guardian.
He drags her out.
8. Room of the forge. Golem stands at the anvil, hammer in hand, forging a piece of metal. Door opens. Jew and daughter enter. Daughter terribly frightened. Jew's derision. Orders golem to stop working. Motions to golem to follow.
Title: You are her guardian, she must not leave this room.
Golem nods. Jew puts on coat, leaves. Golem stands in front of the door, legs wide apart. Daughter trembles. At last she fearfully approaches the golem, pleads with him to leave. The answer is an apathetic shaking of the head, she tries to steal past him, a powerful gesture of the golem prevents it.
Title: Inescapably imprisoned.
She cries like a child, sulks moodily, sits down at the table, calms down, remembers the slip of paper, retrieves it from her bosom, reads.
Title: Dearest one! What a shame I cannot talk to you. My servant informs me that the old man has to go out on business tonight. Come secretly to a masked ball at my estate. How glad I will be to finally, finally have you with me. My servant will bring you a costume.
The daughter cries, drops the slip in despair and wipes away the tears.
10. In a fancy dress shop. The count carefully picks a costume. Servant shows them to him. Has it wrapped, hands it to the servant and instructs him.
11. Jew on the road. Walks down a long turnpike carrying a bundle of things.
Title: She is well-guarded.
12. Servant outside the antique shop, looks for the sign, finds the shop, rings the bell; knocks, nobody appears. He shakes his head, rings more vigorously, suddenly the flap slowly opens, the golem's big head appears in the frame. Servant panics. Behind the golem we see the daughter's face, she gestures to the servant to come in.
13. The antique shop. The door opens, the servant with the parcel sidles in. The daughter immediately grabs the parcel from him. Golem wants to ask the servant. Exuberantly clumsy gestures of golem, servant comically petrified. The servant wants out again. Golem blocks the door. The daughter gestures to him to escape through her door. Servant jumps across the table past the baffled golem to the back door. Servant out the window.
14. At the foot of the spiral staircase. Petrified servant has half climbed the banisters of the stairs. Golem tries to follow him, he has difficulty mastering the unwonted task of climbing the stairs, he sways and leans against the wall for a while, unsure what to do. The servant takes advantage of this moment to slide down the banister at great speed past the golem.
15. The antique shop. The daughter, with her back to the audience, excitedly watches what is going on at the back door. Servant rushes past her out of the front door in comical haste, door stays open. Golem follows him to the door with heavy steps. Daughter takes advantage of the moment to slip past the golem's back up the stairs.
16. Outside the antique shop. The golem appears at the door, glaring stolidly up the street. A thought strikes him, I mustn't leave the room. He turns back to the antique shop.
17. Street. The servant running as if the devil were pursuing him.
18. The daughter's room. The daughter is standing in front of the mirror, only half-dressed, trying on the costume. Suddenly she listens at the door, startled. The door begins to shake. She retreats in shock. The door caves in, falls into the room. Golem appears in the doorframe. Looks around, sees the daughter in the window alcove, goes towards her, motions to her to leave the room. Daughter shakes her head, cowers even more. Golem closes in on her, above her. Daughter frightened. Suddenly he yanks her up by both wrists as if she were a doll and walks to the door with her. Daughter as if paralysed by fear in his arms, looks up at him, tries to appease him, pleads.
19. The antique shop. Golem appears striding slowly through the back door, the half-naked girl in his arms. Her expression is more confident, a little playful. She strokes golem's cheeks, he does not react yet. He carries her to the table. She moves her head close to his face. Golem flares his nostrils like a stallion. His expression becomes one of drunken ecstasy. She slyly notices that. Now she moves her mouth closer to his and kisses him. Golem slides her onto the table and buries his bulky head in her lap as if in a sudden fit of rage. She is almost shocked, pushes him back. Golem bends over her, tries to lie on top of her, she jams her arm against his chest to ward him off. Without realizing she grabs the schenn. The schenn drops out of golem's chest, rolls across the table and falls to the ground. Golem tumbling -
Title: End of act two.
Title: Act three
Title: Golem's nocturnal walk.
1. The count's castle. Preparations for the ball. Servants put up bunting in the ballroom. Count directs.
2. The antique shop. Golem lies lifeless in the centre of the room. The daughter sits on his chest, arranges her hair in front of a mirror placed on the ground. Gets up, mocks golem, boxes his nose, fondles him, finishes putting on the costume, steps across golem and walks out.
3. On the turnpike. The old man is sitting on a rock. Has dropped his knapsack, is eating a hunk of kosher sausage, accompanied by a schnapps, smiles to himself.
Title: She is well-guarded.
4. The scholar's garret. He is kneeling in the room, sorting manuscripts, going through papers, fixed stare, swaying, spasms of hunger. Grabs his last book, rushes out.
5. Outside the antique shop. The scholar arrives in a stumbling run, rings the bell, nobody opens. He goes to the flap, opens it, looks in. Jolts back, is dumbstruck like a madman. Checks himself, opens the door. Enters.
6. Antique shop. Golem lies lifeless. Scholar enters, sees golem, helpless wonder. He bends over him, feels him, laughs madly, examines the opening in the chest, suddenly notices the capsule, picks it up, thoughts racing. Places the capsule in the golem's chest. Golem faster than expected, jumps to his feet. Only one thought drives him: Where is the wench? Pushes the scholar aside like an object, he falls against the wall. Golem stares around, walks out the door. The scholar tries to stop him. Golem throws him into the forge room.
7. A flower stall. Moonlight. The daughter stands in front of it. Buys flowers, asks for a mirror, puts them in her hair, checks her looks. Puts flowers in her bosom, pays, walks on, a flower between her teeth.
8. Title: Golem's serenade.
Golem walks down an old street, there is light in a window, he stares up for a moment.
9. Golem walks across a small square in the town. At the corner the streets cross. Golem stops for a moment. Walks on. Golem at a park gate. Goes inside. Walks up a tree-lined path. A dog jumps up at him. Silent wonder. 10 Golem at a rose bush or such like. Awakening feeling for nature.
11. Golem silhouetted against the sky. Spreads his arms and looks up at the stars.
12. A quiet pond, behind it a tree-lined path. Moonlight and night air. Golem arrives. Walks up to the water, looks at the reflections with wonder, steps into the water, it splashes, smiles. He goes in more and more deeply, so that the water rises to his chest. Lifts up some water in the palm of his hand, lets it run through his fingers. Suddenly the daughter appears, striding down the path. Golem looks up. Surprised. Daughter disappears. Recollection hits him, suddenly he rushes after her like a hippopotamus through the splashing water.
13. Outside the castle. The daughter arrives. Sneaks in through a back door.
14. Outside the antique shop. The old man returns, goes up to the door, is surprised to find it open. Halts, makes a face. Enters.
15. The antique shop. The scholar, who has gone mad, is squatting in the centre of the room. The old man enters. Shock, runs out the backdoor looking for daughter, returns in shock, at his wit's end. Asks the scholar. He can only stammer gibberish and make mute gestures, points to the door. The old man begins to understand. Notices the balled-up letter on the floor. Grabs it and reads. Shock, rushes out.
16. Jew rushes down the street, arrives at the square at the street corner, runs down the street the golem took before.
17. Golem outside the castle, looking up longingly. Beautiful image.
Title: End of act three
Title: Act four
Title: The ball at the castle
1. Small scene from the masquerade at the castle. Arbour with drinking men and women in fantastic costumes.
2. Niche in the conservatory, couples kissing under blossoming flowers, all masked.
3. passage from the kitchen to the ballroom. servants swiftly walking with roasts, champagne, fruit.
4. View of the ballroom from the terrace, silhouetted behind a great mirror couples are dancing a minuet.
5. Terrace adjoining the main ballroom. The count in costume steps out of the ballroom with the daughter. Marble bench at the balustrade of the terrace. Moonlight. He pulls her towards him. Embraces, kisses, vows of love, on his knees in front of her. She, transported, strokes his hair. Suddenly she hears a noise behind her, below the terrace. Alerts him to something approaching.
6. Golem standing in the garden below, leaning on a statue, looking up at the couple.
7. Both look down. She cries out, pulls him back. At the back the balustrade is interrupted to indicate this is where the stairs come up. Golem slowly striding up the stairs. He steps into thje foreground, looks quizzically at the masked daughter. She has got up, so that they are silhouetted against the sky. Golem, as if in a dream, walks towards the daughter. The count tries to intercept him. Daughter stops him, pulls him by the arm along with her towards the ballroom. They open the door in order to get in.
8. The ballroom. Orchestra playing on a raised stage. Dancing couples. Confetti. Streamers. Couple rushes in. Closes the door behind themselves. Daughter pulls down her mask, shouts into the room
Title: "Run away, a demon is coming!" Golem's silhouette appears in the glass door. Music stops. Melee of people. Everybody runs to the door to see the mysterious stranger. Paralysed with shock. Retreating. Some already fleeing. - Golem presses his face to the glass., puts his hands on it, grins into the room. Suddenly he shakes the door. It does not yield. He simply walks in right through the door, leisurely and smiling, not heeding the breaking glass and frame that are falling into the room. Terrible panic. The count draws his pistol, fires at the golem. The golem strolls on smiling. The servant rushes forward, rams a dagger into golem's chest. The dagger remains stuck in the golem. Golem strolls on smiling. Couples escape down the stairs. Golem follows them.
9. Park: Another exit of the castle. Fleeing people rush out from the lit door. Different groups.
10. A tree lined side path with fleeing people.
11. Park railings. Fleeing masked people climbing over them.
12. A low tree-covered path leading to an outbuilding. Count with daughter fleeing frantically, exhausted rest, fearful looks back. He points to where they should go. . They start to run there. Golem appears in clumsy haste, pursuing them.
13. A small round tower. Ivy-covered. Count and daughter arrive. He opens door with key from his pocket. Slams the door shut behind him. Golem arrives, moves up to door.
14. Platform of the tower. View of the tops of the trees in the park. At the side near the front an arched opening to the spiral staircase. Count and daughter appear, sink down at the battlements, exhausted. She puts her head on his chest, he embraces her and soothes her. Suddenly their faces contorts in fear, they hear the bursting of the door and the golem's heavy steps. They retreat to the furthest battlements, huddling together.
Title: Expecting the terrible one.
Golem's giant head appears from below, he looks around quizzically, sees the group. A childish smile on his face he keeps slowly mounting and approaches the terrified couple. Count steps in front of the girl to protect her. Golem moves on a step. The girl motions to the count to let her talk to golem. Smiling she walks past the count towards the golem. Hand and eye aim for the schenn. Golem opens his arms as if to lift her. Tries to embrace her. Count misunderstands the gesture, thinks his love is in danger, rushes at golem. Golem's docile expression changes to rage. He grabs the count, lifts him up, walks over with him to the edge of the tower, desperate struggle. Greatest danger. Resistance. At the last moment the girl manages to pull the schenn out of the golem's chest. With eyes closed golem stands at the edge of the tower for a moment, then he tumbles and falls down. At this moment the old Jew's head appears above the platform. He sees the couple, rushes for his daughter. Daughter on her knees before him, points down.
15. At the foot of the tower lies the golem's shattered figure.
16. Platform of the tower. The silhouettes of people bending over the edge. They look up in shock. The girl sinks into the count's arms, the count offers his hand to the Jew. Jew hesitatingly shakes it and blesses the couple. Group.
Title: Nature always works profoundly, inside and out. And all things live in death, and dead they are alive. (Angelus Silesius)
Final image.
Title: In later days
Neglected park, ivy-covered, rocks overgrown with weeds and bluebells. Birds flying, a child appears, playing. Sits down next to one of the rocks. Nudges it while playing. Pushes away the ivy, the golem's head appears. The child is frightened, runs away. In the distance we see the count and the girl as a married couple.
Title: Mother, look at the strange head.
Pulls the mother over by the hand. The father follows. Quietly moved they regard the golem's head . The child kneels in the grass in front of the head. The image fades out slowly.
Title: The end.